Friday, March 18, 2011

You, Sir, Were a Pacter First!

Jesús Ortega says that AMLO, mortal enemy of any PRD-PAN pact, wanted to pact with the PAN in 2000, when Cuauthémoc Cárdenas ended up finishing a distant third to Fox and Francisco Labastida, and el Peje won Mexico City. I don't remember having read that before, and, since it was phrased rather vaguely, it could mean a number of different things. It's also kind of odd that Ortega waited until now, after months and months of abuse for the alliances, to respond with such an obvious comeback. Whatever the story, I am looking forward to AMLO's response, from the standpoint of enjoying a good donnybrook.


Aguachile said...
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Aguachile said...

Deleted my post by mistake: Yes, it is true, and here's the 1999 Proceso with an AMLO interview where he says he might vote for Fox, should he win as a possible PRD-PAN alliance candidate!

pc said...

Didn't know that, wow, Ortega would have done well to use that as a comeback months ago. Although the circumstances are a bit different.