Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interpreting the PRD Election

Jorge Fernández Menéndez on what the PRD election means for Marcelo Ebrard:
I imagine that the mayor of the capital city must be thinking that this absurd hybrid in the PRD leadership will give him some time to build his candidacy inside of the party (for obvious reasons, Ebrard has more greater presence outside of the PRD, where López Obrador simply doesn't want to give him even a bit of space). On the other hands, he surely thinks that with this agreement he defers...the confrontation with López Obrador. And maybe he also thinks that the Bejarano-Padierna clan is highly pragmatic: if it benefits them, at the hour of truth they will go with whoever has more potential for them. And they are one of the wings of the PRD that generate the largest quantity of funds (although it comes from difficult-to-discern sources) and that moves more people in protests and demonstrations, at least in DF.

The problem is that with this decision these assumptions can turn into their inverse: Padierna will make the PRD unmanageable and that began to be evident yesterday: while the party has a consultation regarding Mexico State programed, she already said that as secretary general she won't accept it and will try to block it; she already declared that she will seek out Alejandro Encinas so that he is the Mexico State candidate and I don't want to imagine the scandal that will occur next sunday when, at the same time as the referendum is being carried out, Zambrano and Padierna will take over their new post, each one, Dolores would say, in charge of his/her own PRD. In this context, Ebrard avoided a rupture within the PRD possibly at the cost of making more evident than ever the internal division that will inevitably result in its rupture.

And, as always, read Aguachile for anything having to do with the Mexican left.

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