Monday, March 14, 2011

More Military PR

It's great that the Mexican military has discovered the marvels of public relations, but it would be nice if the effort could be a carried off with a bit more subtlety. For instance, the way this story is written makes you cringe:
In the Secretariat of the Marines (Semar), only ten percent of the naval personnel that enter the Special Forces managed to remain in the High Impact Group that has as its mission carrying out search, capture, elimination, or localization missions against leaders of criminal organizations and drug traffickers.

Their training isn't easy nor is their lifestyle, because they constantly struggle against death. The members of this group--which is the most select of the naval elite--are men without faces, because otherwise their families would be in danger.

This class of marines trains around 14 hours a day. They lack a social life and, at most, every three or four months they visit their families. They are permanently concentrated on one simple objective: detaining those who harm citizens.
They also set up soup kitchens on their off-days and trail pixie dust everywhere they go.

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