Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Notes on Moreira

The PRI president says that the PAN-PRD referendum was an error, because they just showed fear and weakness. I love it when opposition politicians put themselves in the guise of the seasoned colleagues offering earnest advice. That could not be more transparent. It'd be like a basketball coach full of three-point bombers saying to his counterpart, You should really go with the zone, and sink it way back so we can't get to the rim. That's definitely what I'd do if I had your team.

I also enjoyed Jesús Zambrano's comparison of his intra-party adversary Dolores Padierna to Moreira. Given the context, he probably just meant that her anti-alliance position helps and mimics Moreira's PRI, but I hold out hope that his name is soon to become synonymous with "political hack".

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