Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Week's Security Stories

We mentioned recently that corrupt political officials have largely not been targeted since the Michoacanazo. However, earlier this week, the former mayor of Tlalmanalco in Mexico State was arrested for allegedly collaborating with a kidnapping gang. We'll see if this marks a broader shift toward dirty pols, though I suspect not; it seems as though authorities stumbled into it thanks to the confession of an ex-underling.

Not entirely unlike the treatment of politicians, military officials have also been largely immune to anti-corruption activities over the duration of Calderón's presidency, and one has a hard time believing that it's because none of them are colluding with organized crime. However, eight soldiers were caught with a ton of cocaine, worth $20 or $30 million, in Tijuana today, so maybe that's changing, too.

Also, we've mentioned the rise of the La Resistencia in Guadalajara a number of times in recent weeks. Earlier this week, their alleged leader was arrested in Uruapan.

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