Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clear-Eyed, Hard-Nosed Future-Predictors?

This came into my inbox this morning under the subject heading "Spring break in Mexico: Is it safe?":
Many visitors to Mexican resort areas believe cartels have no intention of hurting tourists...This is not a complete assessment.

—Travel and Security Risks in Mexico, a STRATFOR Special Report

Brochures in your travel agent's office may show a Mexico of sun, surf and R&R, but an escalating landscape of cartel violence would make any traveler stop and reconsider spring break plans. There were more than 15,000 cartel-related deaths in Mexico in 2010. That's a seven-fold increase in just 4 years. In other words - your biggest concerns are no longer SPF count and jellyfish.

For all the spring breakers and international travelers out there, we're offering our Safe Travels package this week. Get 2 books on personal security and protective intelligence FREE when you subscribe today. It's not an armed security detail, but these books contain helpful guidance on how you can enhance your safety and that of your family--abroad or at home.

Subscribe now at our introductory rate of $129 for 1 year, and receive How to Look for Trouble and How to Live in a Dangerous World . In addition to the free books, you'll access our Special Report outlining crime levels and cartel activities in various tourist areas in Mexico, including Cancun, Acapulco and Mazatlan. Know where to go and how to stay safe as a STRATFOR subscriber.
Like marketing 101: create demand by trumping up an unmet need, and then step forward to meet the demand (and for the bargain price of $129!). However, I'm not sure the gambit squares very well with unbiased geopolitical analysis.

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