Friday, April 15, 2011

Troops to Tamaulipas

The governor of the Tamaulipas, where the total of bodies found in mass graves in San Fernando has risen to 145, announced that the federal government had agreed to three new military deployments in the state: one in Mier, one San Fernando, and another Mante. The troops will be given a 2,000-peso bonus for serving in the region, which seems comparable to combat bonuses in the US army, though I don't remember about their use in Mexico before. As Juárez has shown, the mere presence of the army alone doesn't mean much, but mass kidnappings should hopefully be a little easier for troops to stifle than is anarchy in large portions of a 1.3 million-person city.

Also, 16 local cops have been detained for allegedly protecting the Zetas who are believed to be responsible for the massacres.

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