Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Down Memory Lane

It's kinda fun to look upon articles written when Felipe Calderón was an unheard-of upstart, such as this one from seven years ago:
Panistas in Jalisco asked Felipe Calderón, Secretary of Energy, to be a presidential candidate in 2006.

"You should be our candidate for the presidency...We understand that today circumstances don't allow us to declare openly to Felipe in a clear and powerful way that tomorrow we will initiate your pre-campaign," said Francisco Ramírez Acuña, governor of Jalisco.

Felipe Calderón neither accepted nor denied the pre-candidacy of the PAN for the presidency, and he explained that it's still not the moment for declaration because he must concentrate on his job as secretary of energy.

"Contrary to what many want what I just said doesn't imply neither rejection nor resignation nor a negative answer to any legitimate proposal when the hour arrives to initiative the construction of a great porject that allows us to further the historic step taken in 2000", Calderón Hinojosa said.

Winning the government without losing the PAN is the objective, because of which he is determined to participate in the 2006 election in whatever trench he is placed.

"I'm a Mexican determined to fight so that Mexico changes and that the change may be up to the standards of my children and the children of all Mexicans and I will be there
in that fight, until victory with all of you", said Felipe Calderón.
Ramírez Acuña was one of Calderón's first and earliest backers, and all he really got out of it in terms of high-ranking jobs was a year as interior minister before being bounced for Mouriño.

It seems like the quality of writing in your garden-variety political note has improved markedly.

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