Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mildly Creepy, Basically Unimportant Element of Mexican Insecurity Present in the US, Too

As Excélsior reports, Jesús Malverde and la Santa Muerte are popping up in the US. According to a Texas lawman:
These beliefs have been maintained by the new generation of drug traffickers, but they are also developing new beliefes, such as their love of the American character "Scarface", who in the movie was the principal cocaine trafficker in the Florida and in him they see a model to follow, Almonte explained.
Except for that part where the Bolivian gives him a shotgun blast to the midsection from close range. That part kind of sucked, and is not to be scrupulously followed.
"I think an important important point that I'd like to emphasize is that the agents and investigators must be careful and not assume that every person that has one of these types of images is in reality a drug trafficker," the agent said.
I strenuously object to Almonte's caution. I think that every person who has ever enjoyed Scarface or has an image of Jesús Malverde or la Santa Muerte on their person is as dangerous as Pablo Escobar.


Mexfiles said...

Uh-oh! I have a Santa Muerte statuette sitting next to my computer. Lots of people in Sinaloa have a Jesus Malverde figurine sitting around. It's sort of like having a Confederate battle flag on your pickup trick in Alabama... a somewhat regrettable sign of cultural identification with your fellow hillbillies and a'gin the gobmint... or one is being artsy and ironic.

pc said...

Whatever the case, artsy ironic or culturally identifying, it is clearly subversive. Genaro GArcia would like a word with you...