Friday, April 29, 2011

Storm inside the PAN

Bajo Reserva reported earlier this week that Josefina Vázquez Mota's presidential ambitions and consequent neglect of her role as the leader of the PAN deputies is ruffling feathers. Indeed, they've asked party president Gustavo Madero to demand her resignation. She refused such requests in an interview days later.

Odd that there is so much of this around Vázquez Mota, but not so much with regard to other preseidenciables like Santiago Creel, Alonso Lujambio, and Ernesto Cordero, all of whom have rather important jobs as well. I wonder if the anonymous complaining is a product of special resentment for Vázquez Mota, or if she's doing more electoral legwork than the others. With regard to Senator Creel and Education Secretary Lujambio, you could argue that she has a more vital post and her giving a half-arsed effort will be more conspicuous, but I don't think that holds as much for Finance Minister Cordero.


malcolm said...

word is that they don't like her because she's a woman. simple as that.

pc said...

Yeah I kind of suspected that, but I didn't want to say it without anything more. Wouldn't surprise me unfortunately. Even if she doesn't win (which she probably won't), her candidacy could do a lot of good.