Monday, April 4, 2011

Alliance Sputtering

With efforts to build an alliance going nowhere, Bajo Reserva wondered yesterday if the dream is dead:
The PRD wing New Left, headed by Jesús Zambrano and Jesús Ortega now has no assurance of being able to finalized a PRD-PAN alliance in the Mexico State. We are told the Chuchos know that they don't have enough power. In the most recent voting at the National Counsel of the PRD --where the president and secretary general of the party was determined-- the New Left secured 154 votes, the G-8 (which holds wings loyal to Andrés Manuel López Obrador) 11 and Marcelo Ebrard's group 43. This PRD decision-making body consists of 343 members and to ratify a decision taken by the State Counsel, where the Chuchos and their allies are a great majority, two thirds of the voting is necessary. They simply don't have the necessary majority, they need the votes from Ebrard and a few more. Today Alejandro Encinas will kick off his precampaign in the territory of the PRI candidate, Eruviel Ávila, and he will be accompanied by Ebrard and the PRD's national president, Jesús Zambrano. Is the alliance dead?
As far as the appearance with Encinas, Zambrano, and Ebrard, more here.

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