Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Local Boy Does Well Abroad

Excélsior celebrated Chicharito's goal-scoring performance in the defeat over Chelsea yesterday with the above banner at the top of its front page. Of all the goal scorers with ten goals or more in Italy, England, and Spain, I wonder if there is one who has a smaller average distance from the net on his scores than Hernández. I don't mean to discount his success, because finding space is certainly a talent and he fills a role at Man Utd. that no one else has been able to, but it is striking how many of his goals have been point-blank or close to it. A lot of the goals he scored with Chivas and certainly the World Cup strike against Argentina suggest the potentially for more dazzling goals, but for now I imagine Sir Alex is content to let him scoop up what he can right around the net.

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Charles Pergiel said...

How many goal shots from 50 feet are blocked? How many from point blank range? Do you want to score, or do you want to look impressive?

Don't mind me, I'm just being contrary.