Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deja Vu in Tamaulipas

Authorities in Tamaulipas are reporting the discovery of mass graves in San Fernando, the same municipality where the 72 migrants were executed last August in one of the most horrific incidents of the Calderón presidency. So far, 59 bodies have been found in 8 common graves. Additionally, 11 people involved in the killings have been arrested. The state attorney general described the operation to arrest these people as being a coordinated federal and state effort of the sort you rarely read about in Mexico. Good for them for working together, assuming that's true.

But how is it possible that in the exact same town as the worst massacre in recent memory in Mexico, the level of governmental attention is such that what might be the second worst massacre occurs barely six months later? You would hope that the response to the initial episode would at the very least be sufficient to make the criminal groups change up their operations a bit, if not discontinue mass killings altogether. This crime makes it seem as though, following the August killings, business continued basically unchanged.

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