Monday, April 4, 2011

Stats on the Army

This weekend, the CNDH announced that it had received three complaints about abuses by the military per day this year, and just under 5,000 over the duration of the Calderón sexenio. The Calderón sexenio is, as of today, 1,585 days, so the three complaints a day in 2011 does not represent a major upsurge. Sedena says that it's all a product of organized crime efforts to disparage the army. I wouldn't be surprised if that drives some of the complaints, but the military has very little credibility on this issue since they don't seem interested in addressing the abuses that have been documented at length.

Also, Sedena says that it has received 86,000 anonymous tips since it installed its anonymous tip hotline in 2008. Almost half of that number came in the past year, which suggests that there is increasing awareness and confidence in the hotline and the army.

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