Friday, April 15, 2011

AMLO on the Army

The WikiLeaks revelation that AMLO had a plan to use the army in domestic security in 2006 doesn't shock me all that much. I don't remember him calling for the immediate removal of the army, and his anti-Calderón rhetoric has really not focused all that much on security, especially compared to the outsized role given to insecurity in the overall anti-Calderón narrative in Mexico. It does, however, show the paucity of options when it comes to insecurity. AMLO pointed out to American Ambassador Tony Garza that the military, while imperfect, was more honest and capable than the PGR. That hasn't changed, and whoever replaces Calderón will face that same dilemma.


malcolm said...

Worth remembering that the Army was used in large numbers under Fox in Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo too. Calderon didn't launch the drug war, he simply escalated it.

pc said...

Yeah totally. There was 100-some soldiers killed over the course of the Salinas presidency in domestic drug combat as well, according to Sedena.