Monday, April 4, 2011

DF Polling

Ahead of next year's elections in Mexico City, the PRD remains the front-runner in party identification, with 25 percent of respondents to an El Universal poll saying they'd vote for Ebrard and AMLO's party. However, that number has dropped since January 2007, when the figure was 36 percent. The second force in the capital was the previously moribund PRI, which now clocks in at 20 percent, up from 7 percent a little over four years ago. The decline of the PAN, which was previously firmly entrenched as the second largest party, has been as severe as the PRI's: they've dropped from 21 to 12 percent.

The poll also looks at some potential candidate matchups, and finds that Paredes beats everyone in every matchup. Some of that surely comes from an edge in name recognition that would surely erode as the race approached and the competition became better known, but another try at the DF mayoralty --she lost to Ebrard in 2006-- seems like a logical move for Paredes and the PRI alike.

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