Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perps on Parade

This comment from Ciro Gómez is the first time that I remember reading a criticism from a Mexican commentator about the government's habit of parading arrestees in front of the camera:
In the official version, a criminal group opposed to the group of El Chemis, detained him, punched, then told the authorities. Perhaps things occurred in that way, perhaps they are telling the truth. But instead of giving the news, the army came out to show off the trophy. The pressure of the Sicilia case weighed more than respect for a human being, even the most miserable of humans.

Showing off a tortured guy justifies the methods and forms of the criminals. Who cares if they have mistreated him, if the essential thing was to show him defeated and humiliated. If the essential thing was to demonstrate efficiency and power.
It's also kind of an odd case on which to focus indignation for the army's lack of respect for the suspects, given the much more alarming cases documented elsewhere.

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