Saturday, April 16, 2011

Notes on Mexico State

The PRI says it will not legally challenge Alejandro Encinas' fulfillment of the residency requirement to run for governor. That doesn't mean, of course, that they can't bring it up time and again in search of political gain, so it will be interesting to see what tactic they take on that.

Also, the SME says it has an agreement with Alejandro Encinas and AMLO for Mexico State and the presidency in 2012. If they win, SME boss Martín Esparza says, they will revive LyFC. This should make even a de facto agreement with the PAN a little trickier in Mexico State. It also provides another piece of evidence of how it is that PAN leaders think that winning by piggy-backing on Encinas than losing with their own candidate, along with Encinas, to Eruviel Ávila. There is just a huge gap between the goals, philosophy, and political ideals of Encinas et al on one hand, and the PAN on the others.

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