Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More News on Mass Graves

I was interested to see that the alleged author of all the killings in Tamaulipas in recent months, Martín Omar Estrada, reportedly disobeyed orders from his Zeta superiors to reduce the violence in the region. This kind of principal-agent problem suggests a really worrying lack of control lack of any control. I've never quite been convinced that Chapo, El Lazca, El Azul, et al had the power to reduce violence through the power of their agreement alone but the fact that the big gangs can't even control violence within their own hierarchies suggests an ominous level of underworld anarchy. I don't think the rest of Mexico will turn into Juárez, but this element --the violence spilling outside the boundaries of the gang feuds and profit motive that initially sparked it, and in the process creating an all-encompassing, self-perpetuating logic of its own-- has been mostly limited to Juárez.

Also, more mass graves have been found in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.

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