Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marcelo Ebrard=Mullah Omar

An editorial in a magazine belonging to the Mexican Catholic Church compared members of Marcelo Ebrard's government to the Taliban. Ebrard's government, which has legalized abortion and gay marriage, is not one that will find favor with conservative Catholic leaders, but the accusation is a bit like Paris Hilton criticizing a young singer for her lack of modesty and artistic seriousness. For instance, here you can brush up on the Mexican Church's anti-cleavage-and-mini-skirt movement from 2008. And here you can read about the Juárez bishop complaining about the lack of shame in the modern Mexican family at the World Catholic Summit hosted in Mexico two years ago, an event at which a bishop from Tegucigalpa distinguished himself by saying that a woman who dresses provocatively invites rape.


malcolm said...

There's always this one, too
christ, the church in mexico has lost it.

pc said...

Yeah that's pretty bad. It's been a bad six months or so for the church, they've always been a little looney, but it's like the foremost leaders have collectively all just gone insane and gotten a lot louder at the same time.