Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Pundit Channeling Macario Schettino

Here's the subhead to a new piece from Michael Lind (it's more concise than any passage from the column):
Forget Democrats and Republicans. What America needs is two new parties: The Regressives and the Modernists
And here's Schettino a couple of weeks ago:
Behind the three parties, I repeat what I have said on many occasions: there are two large conceptions of Mexico and the world: One that wishes to return to the past, whether in the corporatist version of the PRI and the PRD, or the conservative version of the PAN; another that looks toward the future, in the renovators of the PRI, the liberals of the PAN, and the "modern left" of the PRD. This inhibits us from being able to, through the ballot box, resolve conflicts.

Today, for example, in the PAN the conservatives have won the internal election (although the new president isn't one); and the old corporatists that govern the PRI, especially their president elect. In the two-headed PRD, the issue is worse.
I wonder how many other countries have a similar dynamic.

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