Monday, January 17, 2011

More Narcobloqueos

Last August, I wrote of the narcobloqueos:
It's interesting how two relatively new criminal tactics have remained isolated in their place of origin: blockades in the Northeast (especially Monterrey), and machine-gunning partiers to punish the venue's owners in La Laguna. One of course hopes that neither menace spreads across the nation (especially the latter), but it's alarming to consider that many of the more worrying recent changes to Mexico's criminal landscape --increased use of decapitations, extortion-- were once relatively isolated to certain gangs or regions.
Since then, we've seen them in Michoacán, and, as of this weekend, in Jalisco, used by a group calling itself La Resistencia. (I've never heard of them before.) On the other hand, targeting civilians has not spread, thankfully.

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