Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calderón on Peña Nieto's Crime Plan

He's enthusiastic about it:
Theoretical planning is good, obviously I share that opinion, and maybe if it had been accompanied in practice by deeds it would be very, very useful", said Calderón.

I interpret as a support from the author himself for the strategy that we are following and I appreciate it, although I must say that there are states, like the the State of Mexico, that have rates of control and confidence and evaluation of police that are very, very low, far behind what we'll call the commitment assumed in the commitments [author's note: using "commitment" twice reflects his fractured syntax, not my translating mistake] of the Agreement for Justice and Legality, which reflects as well a very delicate criminal problem, maybe because the population of the state is the largest in the country", he added.
This makes some sense; as Boz pointed out last week, the Peña Nieto plan has a lot in common with the strategy Calderón announced last summer (though the need to lower violence first and foremost has more emphasis from Peña Nieto).

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