Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hillary in Mexico

El Universal highlights the contradiction between the hurry with which the trip was announced and the anodyne nature of the statements during the visit:
Hillary Clinton, secretary of state of the US government, came to Mexico yesterday. The visit was announced just lat week; she met with Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa and then with President Felipe Calderón, each in a different city, to speak officialls abut everything from climate change to drug trafficking. It wold seem that the visit had to do with something urgent, but the speeches reflected the opposite: another meeting of formality.
Maybe it was to warn them that Obama is going to place them in a new, updated Axis of Evil in tonight's speech: "Felipe, we still love you, all this 'crack down on the narcos' stuff is great, but we have a big empty spot between Syria and the Sudan, and we need you to go there."

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