Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gun Trafficking Routes

Mexican spy agency Cisen announced that it has detected seven major arms trafficking routes into Mexico, six in the north and one in the south. It also says, that the most of the guns enter in very small numbers, something that has been reported before, rather than in containers full of firearms. The second sentence demonstrates the relative lack of value of the discovery reflected in the first. If the guns are all coming in via small-timers toting two or three, than how concrete are the trafficking routes? It's not like there's a Ho Chi Min trail in northern Mexico; if the government sends a bunch of the personnel to crack down on the major routes, can't the "ants" just cross at whatever remote border town they find and wind their way to down using alternative highways?

Cisen also provided some stats for the weapons seizures during the first four years of Calderón's term: roughly 40,000 handguns (a 127 percent jump from the first four years of the Fox era), 55,000 long weapons (a 419 percent rise), 9.9 million bullets (430 percent), and 7,500 grenades (7,000 percent!).

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