Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fight to Succeed Peña Nieto

Aguachile has had a number of posts about threats by the PAN and the PRD to boycott the upcoming governor's race in Mexico State, in protest of Peña Nieto's tilting the playing field in his direction. While I agree that the opposition has a lot of reason to be unhappy about Peña Nieto's anti-alliance gambit, I imagine this is just bluster. I hope so, too; boycotting elections rarely works out in the boycotters' favor.

Also, El Universal is reporting that former DF mayor and AMLO ally Alejandro Encinas is moving closer to throwing his hat in the Estado de Mexico ring, which, unless the PAN decided to back him (which is unlikely, to say the least) would be a huge boon for the PRI, as his entry effectively kills any substantial cross-ideology alliance.

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