Saturday, January 22, 2011

Car Bomb in Hidalgo

A police investigator and four state police officers in Hidalgo, responding to a call, were met with a car bomb upon arriving to their destination earlier today. Four of the officers were wounded, and one killed. The ambush aspect of this killing more closely resembles that of the car bomb in Juárez last summer than any of the handful of car bombs since, though the gang behind the Juárez bombing, La Línea, is not said to operate in Hidalgo.

Update: Now they are saying the Zetas were behind the attack, in response to the arrest of two hit men in the town (Tula) where the attack occurred. The arrests occurred two months ago, which makes the timing of this a bit odd, and gunmen are arrested all the time, which makes the decision to respond so aggressively unusual as well.

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