Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zavala in the Times

Margarita Zavala has a profile in the New York Times today, in which the differences between Marta Sahagún remained clear as can be:
[S]he was also aware that her predecessor, who had presidential aspirations, had been a polarizing figure. Political tensions were high after Mr. Calderón won a close election in 2006 that split the country, and Ms. Zavala did not want to cause any controversy, said Sara Sefchovich, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico who has written about Mexico’s first ladies.

While she has worked to raise the profile of women in her party and is an advocate for women’s rights in the workplace, one traditionally feminist argument has never swayed her: she opposes abortion. Her only political declaration since Mr. Calderón has taken office has been to condemn the legalization of abortion in Mexico City.
Michelle Obama also spoke quite well of Zavala. For the definitive profile of Zavala, please click on Sefchovich's piece from one year ago.

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