Monday, April 26, 2010

Building, Building

The Mexican reaction to Arizona's experiment with police statism took a while to gain strength, but it appears to be asserting itself with steadily growing force. Calderón said that it "opens the door to hate and discrimination". Secretary José Ángel Córdova called it abominable. Carlos Navarrete said it was part of a conservative offensive against Obama. Crooner Raphael leapt to the word "scandal", but on second thought I think he might have been talking about something else.

The media, too: El Universal has published literally dozens of notes on the issue, from San Francisco's potential boycott of Arizona, to the adverse effects for Mexican airlines with service to Arizona, to requests for Sonora to suspend trade with the state with which it shares a long border.


Ken said...

I saw a taxi in the DF today with the following written in shoe polish in the back window: "No hay servicio para gringos de Arizona."

pc said...

That's pretty good. Can't say I blame him. I also like the one from Arizona that says, I'm Mexican--Arrest me.

jd said...

But if El Universal strictly applies such a boycott to its own operations, how will they send their reporters to prove that US law enforcement is equally as corrupt as Mexican law enforcement? They might have to just assert it as fact without offering any particularly convincing evidence. Nah, couldn't happen.

pc said...

jajaja yeah that would certainly limit the impact of their ground-breaking investigative series.

Although at this point I'd probably prefer a small increase in penny-ante corruption in exchange for political leaders that were not guided by delusion and racial bias.