Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foreign Pronouncements

Lots of non-Mexicans have had comments on Mexican security recently. Among them:

1) César Gaviria said that ungovernability is growing in Mexico. He focused on the political aspect of the fight against organized crime, and said that Mexican officials have not learned how to set security aside from the daily sniping and form a common front. I agree!

2) A Deloitte survey says that nearly half of directors of businesses that operate in Mexico said that insecurity threatens the nation's economic growth. This makes security a greater concern for businesses than the lack of political dynamism and the continued economic problems in the US. According to the piece, the insecurity figure is also up from 22 percent in December 2009, which makes you suspect that either the article is mistaken or the survey is off base.

3) Carlos Pascual says that the drug violence is slowing investment in Mexico. Also, Pascual used to have a sinister beard. I wish he still did.

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