Friday, April 16, 2010

This Has to Be a Lie

According to in-house user satisfaction surveys, 70 percent of IMSS patients are happy with the service they receive, and 85 percent said that they would recommend the institution to family or friends. Personally, I have never walked out of the IMSS without feeling bathed with that horrifying combination of impotence and anger that one might experience after being wrongly tossed from a bar with great force by a handful of 250-pound bouncers. Anecdotal evidence (read: every single person I have ever discussed IMSS with) suggests that I'm not in the minority.

The typical IMSS experience implies the following: taking off work and waking up early to get in line an hour or two before the window/clinic/doctor you require opens; standing the entire time, because waiting rooms don't have enough or even any chairs; after a several-hour wait, being talked down to and denied whatever meager petition you sought. The average trip to IMSS is like your worst DMV nightmare on steroids. If 70 percent of people walk out of IMSS happy with the institution, then W is the most popular president in US history.


David said...

I agree completely with your anecdotal evidence: Every person I've spoken with has some horror story from the IMSS or the ISSSTE - spare a few expat gringos that buy cheap policies and have yet to truly require serious medical attention.

pc said...

It's miserable. The Mexican bureaucracy hasn't been by and large too bad in my experience, their immigration office has always been great, their version of the dmv totally acceptable. But IMSS (and I can only assume ISSSTE) is like walking into a giant field of hate.