Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tamaulipas Remains Ugly

A commando team attacked a jail in Reynosa last night, a further example of Tamaulipas suffering the effects of the Zeta-Gulf split. This accompanies the steadily increasing rumble of mass deaths in shootouts, such as this one here. There's no question that Tamaulipas is heading down a potentially very difficult road. Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, two vital border crossings, are part of the spoils, as is control of Monterrey (which is not in Tamaulipas, but is in the Zeta-Gulf zone of influence and is also in dispute), which is the nation's most important city in the North. It seems as though we are getting a sneak preview of what could be the next big area of conflict. There's no way to be sure that this can be nipped in the bud, but I'd like to know what the plan from the government is. Is there one? Are they just going to throw troops at the area in an uncoordinated and ineffectual show of force?

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