Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reaction to the PAN's Hard Right, Mexico City Edition

There was an interesting note in Baja Reserva about growing frustration with the hard right among panistas in Mexico City:
The relationship of Mariana Gómez del Campo with the progressive wing of the PAN in the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City is growing more strained. For months, the coordinator is locked into frontal combat with deputy Lía Limón, and now with Juan Carlos Zárraga, also a legislator. She seeks to block them from supporting a surrogate mother initiative, which would permit a woman to lend her womb to carry another couple's baby to term. Mariana Gómez and Lía Limón became distanced months ago, with the reform of the Mexico City Civil Code that allowed marriage between people of the same sex. Since then, Mariana has punished Lía: she reduces the importance of her job in the Assembly or she pulls her from tasks, such as the commissions. She has even sought to block both her and Zárraga from making public declarations or giving press conferences. Nevertheless, within her own panista caucus, Mariana is losing support. Her conservative crusade makes her seem obstinate and prone to temper tantrums, her fellow panistas say. In contrast, with time the position of Lía Limón and Juan Carlos Zárraga acquires greater justification when you consider that Mexico City is a city of liberal voters.
Now, this could be product of one person leaking his or her opinion rather than a reflection of actual opposition to Gómez, but assuming it extends beyond just the two people mentioned in the piece with personal reasons for resentment, that's heartening. And somewhat validating, since I've always felt that the PAN was, el Yunque aside, not built around opposition to liberal social policies.

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