Monday, April 26, 2010

Organized Crime News Bits

The Mexican defense secretariat has assigned blamed in the murder of two Mormon leaders in Lebaron, Chihuahua to Vicente Carrillo's group.

Also, another associate of Édgar Valdés was arrested in the central part of the country, this time in Mexico City. The man is named Dagoberto Jiménez and is nicknamed the Singer, which places him among the best name/nickname combinations in the history of the Mexican drug traffickers, although I'm still partial to Amado "Lord of the Skies" Carrillo. Anyway, the number of people linked to Édgar Valdés to fall into federal custody has been steadily rising.

Lastly, five members of La Línea have been arrested for participating in an ambush of a group of Federal Police in Juárez, during which six people officers were killed.

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