Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Presidential-ness from Peña Nieto

He's already campaigning:
Arguing that poverty, political confrontation, and violence "can't continue being the distinguishing symbol of Mexico", the governor of Mexico State, Enrique Peña Nieto, called for a "redefinition of the path, characteristics, and strategy of a new development model" for the country, with measurable objectives and clearly defined goals.

In the inauguration of the Forums of Reflection Commitment for Mexico, the state leader declared the need to sink the foundation of an effective, modern, and democratic state, which in practice guarantees the individual and social rights of Mexicans.

The governor, a priísta, called for taking advantage of "the invaluable opportunity" that 2010 represents in constructing a vision of the country, "that brings us all together, that avoids social polarization and institutional paralysis".

Along with the leaders of the legislative and judicial branches [of Mexico State], Ernesto Némer Álvarez and Baruch Delgado Carbajal, respectively, Peña Nieto added: "We want to reevaluate politics starting from the results, so that society once more trusts in its institutions".

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