Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary Mayor

Bajo Reserva has a disturbing follow-up on the murder of a Beltrán Leyva associate (along with three others) in Mexico City:
Mauricio Fernández left everyone with their mouth agape. The controversial panista mayor of San Pedro, Nuevo León, showed off this weekend his deep knowledge of the intestines of drug trafficking, and then some: he insinuated that he has turned the dream of many of becoming "anonymous avengers" before the federal incapacity to control criminals into a reality. He already said in the past, you will remember, that he struck agreements with high-level capos that live in his very wealthy city, whose mayoralty he was barely reelected to for a second term. He also has come out in favor of legalization of drugs. A few weeks ago, October 6, before taking his post, Fernández made known that he was preparing "teams of cleaners, for tough jobs", to eliminate criminals, brothels, and drug shops. Teams of cleaners? Which is to say, avengers, executioners, paramilitaries? That's what he said. He didn't go into detail. As was to be expected, on October 9 he said he was receiving death threats. Well now, this very weekend, Mauricio Fernández, the super-rich son of northern industrial nobility, revealed that when he took over as mayor the alleged drug trafficker known as Saldaña the Black --who had threatened his life-- had been found murdered in Mexico City...Are these deaths the result of the work of "teams of cleaners, of tough work" that Fernández announced? It's possible.
Wow. When Fernández was caught on tape talking about his relationship with organized crime this summer, I wrote that the PAN, from Calderón on down, should have immediately denounced him. I think that suggestion (which went unheeded) only looks better today.

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