Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Democratizing the Networks

Martín Moreno, among others, wonders what was the meaning of the second of AMLO's ten goals:
Nevertheless, he also showed his teeth, proposing "to democratize the media" What does he understand as democratization: supporting allies and insulting those who think differently? Snatching away the radio and television industries that, he claims, are in the hands of only a few, to place them in the hands of another few supporters? Concessions for his friends, the assassins' bullet for his enemies?
This is, quite obviously, a bit hysterical. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of Mexican TV broadcasts come from one of two conglomerates, each owned by a billionaire. Those who criticize the lack of democratization of mass media in Mexico are on to something. However, AMLO's spent the last three years denouncing to the four corners of Mexico those who run the networks as part of a "mafia", which is as hyperbolic as what Moreno writes. If he really feels that way, an expropriation of Televisa is not out of the question. Obviously, AMLO doesn't support executing Emilio Azcárraga by firing squad (at least I don't think so), but what is his plan for democratizing the media?

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