Monday, November 23, 2009

More Criticism of the Left

René Áviles Fabila's take on the Mexican left has a lot in common with Jorge Fernández Menéndez's from last week:
To think that Ebrard or Encinas are worthy leftists is to ignore history and misunderstand reality. The left doesn't have to make ice rinks or giant Christmas trees, typical American values. It must protect with great care social struggles, not give alms without creating jobs and above all, providing the population with the instruments that allow Mexico to be seen under another model, distinct from that which we have, a legacy of the PRI in its most degrading moments. That's what I think when I read an article by Manuel Bartlett, a new arrival to the left, once his political life concluded with the PRI, where he was senator, governor, and a cabinet secretary. His language corresponds to that of a Pharisee, Marx would say, or better yet a useful idiot*, as Lenin saw those who were at time fighting for socialism.

The question is, where did the left that now show off insignias of the Virgin of Guadalupe, hand out alms like madmen and turn Mexico City into an immense circus where commercial spectacles predominate? From the PRI. That's where Dante Delgado, Camacho, Ebrard, El Peje. When they were priistas they didn't have even one leftist thought.
One notable difference is that Fernández didn't say anything about Ebrard. Come to think of it, I don't remember reading people questioning Ebrard's leftist credentials on many occasions in the past.

*As far as "useful idiot", I assume given the context that was what he referred to with "compañero de ruta", although there's a lot of distance between those two phrases. Which makes me wonder what the term really means in Russian.

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