Sunday, November 22, 2009

Binational Deja Vu

I swear I've read the following paragraph some 63 times in the last ten years:
After decades of mistrust and sometimes betrayal, Mexican and U.S. authorities are increasingly setting aside their differences to unite against a common enemy. According to interviews in Washington and Mexico City, the two countries are sharing sensitive intelligence and computer technology, military hardware and, perhaps most importantly, U.S. know-how to train and vet Mexican agents. Police and soldiers secretly on the cartels' payroll have long poisoned efforts at cross-border cooperation against some of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations.
I've probably written it once or twice as well. Many bits of interesting information follow, including about the 10,000 Federal Police cadets that Mexico hopes to graduate from its San Luis Potosí academy (with US help) by next spring.


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