Thursday, November 19, 2009

Same Old Story

Halftime in Carolina, and obviously John Fox isn't convinced by Gancho's cogent arguments that he should make DeAngelo Williams the focus of the offense. Fox has called Jake Delhomme's number 20 times, which has resulted in seven completions, three sacks, 64 yards through the air, and a 52.1 QB rating. Williams is averaging more than five yards a carry (as is his custom), but on only 8 carries for 43 yards. Which is to say, on 40 percent of the plays that have gone to Delhomme. Oh, and Panthers have been held without a touchdown, and the Dolphins are up by 11.

Update: More of the same in the second half: Williams picked up 79 yards on only five carries. Delhomme passed 25 times in the second half, ending up with 19 for 42 for 227 yards, with a touchdown and a pick. And, as tends to happen when Delhomme throws three times as often as Williams runs, the Panthers lost a game they should have won.

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