Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Stuff from AMLO

This sounds like the action of a man intent on running: AMLO has re-founded his legitimate government, with the following ten goals on his slate:
1) Rescuing the state and putting it at the service of the people and the nation

2) Democratizing the mass media

3) Creating a new economy

4) Combating monopolistic practices

5) Abolishing fiscal special treatment

6) Exercising politics as an ethical imperative

7) Strengthening the energy sector

8) Achieving nutritional sovereignty

9) Establishing a welfare state

10) Promoting a new current of thought
The idea that a government would list changing the way its people think as one of its foremost priorities is a bit unsettling, or at least unseemly. Others are the sorts of ideas that would be hard for anyone to oppose. Others are too vague to mean much of anything without some specific policy ideas attached.


David said...

La Razon had a rather gratuitous headline saying that AMLO's plan was inspired by Hugo Chavez. It's food for thought:

pc said...

Yeah, the "democratization of the mass media" defitely makes you think of Chavez. Then again, it could just mean opening the networks up a little, maybe forcing Televisa to sell off Unicable or or Galavision and doing the same to one of Azteca's networks.

On the whole though I didnt really see it as a nod toward Chavez. I dont think AMLO really nods toward anyone but himself.