Thursday, November 19, 2009


Martín Moreno is disgusted by the Transparency International ranking of corruption in Mexico, and finds enough blame to go around:
There are the decades of corruption from the PRI and its presidents. The corrupt indolence of the PAN governments. The perredistas corrupted across the nation. The corrupt unions. The corrupted and corrupting politicians. The great political family of Mexico turned into a bunch of thieves. It would take an encyclopedia to name all of the people that are the emblem of national corruption. They, as have many others, have contributed to the present decadence. They collaborate brilliantly in their robbery.
The anger is understandable, but I think Mexican analysts sometimes paint with too broad a brush on this kind of stuff. Instead of just calling them a "bunch of thieves", tell us who the dishonest are, but mention the honest politicians too. Mention the successes. And, once again, where was the finger-pointing to go with last week's gender gap ranking, which was far worse?

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