Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MVP Debate

Jeffri Chadiha writes in espn.com's NFL Power Rankings that "Brett Favre appears to be the front-runner for MVP." I didn't realize how good his stats were (21 TDs with only three picks, 112 QB rating, almost 2,500 yards), but with all due respect, after ten weeks, it's gotta be Manning again. His stats are comparable (21 TDs, 9 INTs, 103 rating, almost 3,200 yards), but more than anything, think of each team without the man in question. Last year's Vikings (a very similar team to the one around Favre, minus Percy Harvin) won the division with Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte at the helm; if you stuck Jackson or Gus on the 2009 Colts, how many games would they win? Somewhere between four and six, I'd say.

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