Thursday, November 19, 2009

Problems in the PAN

Jorge Fernández Menéndez says that the PAN is irredeemably divided. As evidence, he has the pre-candidacy Santiago Creel and Manuel Espino (now that would be a nice guarantee for a presidential loss); the ongoing fight between Calderón’s pragmatic centrist group and the more conservative Yunque; the anger from PAN senators over the budget enthusiastically approved by PAN deputies; and the opposition of federal security policies by PAN mayors and governors. The finale:
And if you add to this that toward the end of next year Nava must be ratified or a new leader to handle the election of a presidential candidate must be elected, all of the ingredients for panista division seem to be present. They can be united by only one episode, if it is understood as such: the existence of a common enemy.
The only thing I'd add is that such disagreement is not abnormal for a party that's not winning elections, especially with a presidential race coming up. To a certain degree, it's like team sports: winning can cover up a lot of problems.

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