Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Praising the Left

Excélsior's Frentes Políticos praises the PRD:
As the days pass we will know who were the big losers in the 2010 fiscal plan, but what we already know is that the principal winner, aside from President Felipe Calderón and the governors, was the PRD, because 90 percent of the changes hammered out weakening taxes or cleaning up language were promoted by that part and to accomplish said goal they cooperated, sometimes with the PRI and, others, with the PAN, in the Senate. Bravo to Carlos Navarrete, Tomás Torres, Rosalinda López, Francisco Castellón, and Minerva Hernández for showing that the left doesn't need to take over buildings to make compromises.
Update: Then again, it appears the PRD isn't too thrilled about the fruits of its cooperation, having labeled the law a betrayal (or treason depending on the translation you prefer).

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