Friday, July 2, 2010

World Cup Lookalikes, Playalikes

I've always thought that Mexican singer Kalimba and Brazilian winger Robinho might have same the same (ultra-talented) bloodline.

And though he doesn't much look like him, I realized during today's game that Arjen Robben reminds me of no one so much as Claude Lemieux.


jd said...

Yeah, I was marinating on the appropriate Robben comparison too. Claude Lemieux is a great choice for hockey; for basketball, the choices are somewhat limited because most players don't combine acting like whiny little chumps with total lack of grace. Bill Laimbeer is an option, but that's sort of insulting to Robben. And while Manu Ginobili matches the flopping, he's so much better to watch that it's an unfair comparison to Manu. What player (and doesn't have to be white, obviously, but they're the most flop-inclined) is between Laimbeer and Manu?

Baseball...weirdly, maybe A-Rod, for sheer annoyingness and punk-osity? Football, obviously Tom Brady, cuz, you know, fuck Tom Brady.

pc said...

What was that last part again? "..fuck Tom Brady"? Wow, that's fun to write.

I think you could go with Vlade or maybe even Paul Pierce (surely Lakers fans would dig the comparison). The thing about Robben is that he's a badass, so Laimbeer doesn't really hold up all that well. He's just more of a spazz than the other options. Another thing is that weird way Arjen pumps his arms when he runs. Obviously he's moving pretty fast and he's a world-class player, so it's not like he's a novice athlete, but the way he moves reminds me of a non-athletic elementary school kid being forced to play soccer and basketball. Or something. There's just something very inelegant about the way he moves. Hell of a header today though.