Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Assassinated Official

An assistant state attorney general in Chihuahua was murdered last night. She worked on internal affairs, which in a state like today's Chihuahua with no shortage of dirty cops would make you a target. One way we'll know that Mexico has progress on security issues is that people like Sandra Ivonne Salas will no longer be murdered with regularity.

Somewhat relatedly, Mexican authorities arrested a member of la Familia known as the El Tyson in Morelia. El Tyson, whose real name is Miguel Ortiz and who is a former member of the state police's special operations group, is accused of orchestrating an attack on the state director of public security in April. Assuming the charges are legit, good on the government for his arrest. If Mexico can't yet eliminate attacks on public officials, the next best thing is to arrest those responsible in short order.

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