Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Surprising Importance of the Polish Media in Mexico

One refreshing thing about the Mexican media is that, in comparison to the US, it is quite interested in what the rest of the world has to say. This could translate into front-page news stories about a New York Times editorial, or a write-up of the French press's reaction to a visit by Sarkozy to Mexico.

This piece, however, seems to take that admirable trend about six miles too far: El Universal's sports section informs that a Polish website was really impressed by Carlos Salcido and Javier Hernández. Both guys were indeed excellent, but why does El Universal look to some random source in Poland of all places as the definitive word on their performance?


Burro Hall said...

This is, I think, the most endearing thing about the Mexican press. You see it a lot in the entertainment pages - an American rock band will say something like, "yeah, Mexican fans are the best, man," and the headline the next day will be "Metallica Says Mexican Fans Best in World." You just want to give the whole country a big hug sometimes.

pc said...

Yeah totally, you gotta love it. I also like the ones where a famous actress goes to Cabo for the weekend, and there headline is almost always, "Actress X shows her charms on Mexican beach."