Monday, July 19, 2010

More on Torreón

There appears to be a slightly more full-throated reaction to this latest massacre than to the previous two. The federal government has said it will send more Federal Police to Torreón, after several months of a very scarce federal presence here. There hasn't been much reporting on the motives (which is also typical of the bad stuff that goes down in Torreón, relative to the reporting you see in other areas), other than the feeling that it had something to do with organized crime. Having surveyed Facebook pages from area residents, El Universal reports that the quinta where the massacre took place appeared to have been rented out earlier that day by a homosexual group, but that the virtual invitations indicate that the party was to be finished by the time the massacre occurred. Also, Spanish-speakers check out the comment beneath the article that appears to call for civilians to form death squads to fight organized crime. Chilling.

Update: I'm hearing today that the party mentioned above was cancelled well before the murders, and basically had nothing to do with the massacre. Sorry for the misleading suggestion. Also, via Richard, this attack was the subject of an article in the NY Times.

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