Friday, July 2, 2010

Ten Years

A decade ago, Vicente Fox was elected. July 2, 2000 remains a landmark day in the history of Mexican democracy, but there's no denying that the interim has not strengthened the nation's faith in the governing class. Today's example of that: according to Latinobarómetro, only three nations' citizens in Latin America have a more pessimistic opinion on the course of their country's course than do Mexicans, and one of them is still recovering from a coup last summer.


jennifer rose said...

Nicaragua had a coup last summer? I think you may be confusing this with Honduras.

pc said...

I swear, the first time I read that it said Honduras instead of Argentina.

pc said...

No it does say Honduras. My error was that it was three countries, not two, who were more negative than the Mexicans. And, if Argentina pulls the comeback against Germany off, it'll be only two.